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Why is journaling an effective tool  Where we put our  Power of Clarity attention is where our energy flows, and where our energy flows is what we create on the physical plane. Journaling focuses your thoughts and gives you a channel for your energy. One important note here is to make sure that you don't allow your writing to become a 'bitch session' however. Why For the exact reason that journaling is such a great tool for manifesting! If you focus on what you DON'T like about your reality, you will just create more of that. Keep if positive. Even in the suggested topics that follow, you can explore seemingly negative areas of your reality in healthy ways allowing for inner healing.When it comes to personal growth, Dr. Ilchi Lee is among the best companions that you can have. His bits of information will surely help you in lifting up yourself, your consciousness. Other than that, through his words, you are able to appreciate the relevance of being an advocate of a sustainable and peaceful world.



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