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Hair loss occurs in both men and women. Ceragrowth Hair The causes of balding in women can include a number of factors. Examples are hormonal imbalances and the lack of certain important vitamins and minerals. In some cases, the process of thinning hair can be reversed, but in other cases it can not.Although men are more likely to be afflicted by baldness, there are an estimated 30 million women in the United States that are dealing with hair loss issues as well. It is important to note that women usually do not see bald spots as often as men do, what they notice is the gradual thinning of the hair over a period of time. But with a little bit of research it might be possible to reverse the process.Natural substances that are in supplements and topically applied ointments can enhance healthy hair and keep DHT from forming. Without DHT, hair follicles will continue to thrive and grow. Even taking certain supplements twice a day and using a topical cream just one time a day can bring about the re-growth of hair in certain situations.



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