13-12-18 2 Hits

In the case of two horses to the Barry’s Betting Tips left with early speed, it is sometimes better for the 3 to have more late speed and to come late rather than get mixed up in a three way speed battle on top. Depending upon the drivers and speed figures, I would consider the second scenario a no-go unless the odds were very generous.For years the big deal in horse racing handicapping was pace capping. Then along came speed and everybody was talking figs and exploiting that angle until everybody and his barber knew about figure handicapping and it was no longer profitable. Then came bloodlines and breeding and sire handicapping. Armed with a list of turf sires and two year old sires a handicapper could simply pick un-raced or lightly raced horses from the right sires and profits could be made. Like all good and easy things, however, that ship has sailed and will never be seen again.


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