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So, am I proponent of this 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review program? Probably not. Although it has been round for quite some time, and a lot of people do swear by it and its' effects, there are a lot of other simpler, non restrictive and not to mention cheaper ways of losing weight like plain old watching what you eat and exercise. Incidentally, the Slim Fast program or plan does still advise that you do exercise.One major drawback of the Slim Fast plan is availability of their product. It is not readily available worldwide. Even in the US, not all stores carry the line. I read a comment from a lady in nearby Mexico who could not find a store that sells it. Some of my friends who live in Asia for example have trouble. And the price is double what you would pay for here. If you were shipped overseas on an extended tour for example, what do you do then? Anything more than a case or two of the stuff will be classified as commercial quantity and the duties will be out of this world. So is Slim Fast a diet or just a very clever marketing program? You decide.


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