13-12-18 6 Hits

As a dieter, it is as if you have put on a pair of glasses that filter the world into all-or-nothing thinking based upon calories, body, and weight. When you are wearing these glasses, your view is constricted, and what you can or cannot take in is based on where you are with your diet. Taking off the glasses is both scary and freeing. It is scary because if you have seen the world and your place in it as being determined by losing weight, you must now look at the broader scope of who you are and what you truly want in your life, regardless of your body size. At the same time, it is freeing because if you no longer define yourself in terms of good or bad based on dieting, weight, and body size, and no longer let this all-or-nothing thinking determine what you can and cannot do in your life, you have the expansiveness of the world before you.



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