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If it's of any help to you, a year ago Brit Method  I would have chosen the second option and I did actually, because that's who I am, so I had to make every mistake in the book before reaching the belief system that I have now. That was the tuition of my trading education.By evaluating all of the factors described, you should be able to reach a decision on whether you should be using a stockbroker to handle your investments. Be as emotionally detached as possible when examining these keys, and evaluate yourself honestly. If you find that you need help with investing, get it, whether that is taking a class or hiring a stockbroker. Your financial future depends on wise investing, whether initiated by you or a professional.Many people handle all of their own investing decisions on their own and do quite well with it. Only you can decide whether you are someone who needs to be investing with a stockbroker or going it alone.


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