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Once you think you have your potential leader pegged,  Effective Communication you need to do a little testing to see if you have it right. Here are some tests you can do to help determine if a potential leader is really the right choice.First, get to know as much as possible about the individual. What's their work record Have there been problems with rules or policies in the past Are they reliable What are their strengths and weaknessesSecond, carefully observe them on the job. Be inconspicuous about this as your presence can change behavior. Watch to see how they interact with others. Are they courteous with fellow workers and with their own boss Human relationship skills are important and in general, people who can't get along with most of the people around them usually don't make very good leaders. Watch for the person who appears to carry a grudge. There may be a good reason and it might be something that can be resolved; but, it might also be a sign of someone who is never happy with anything.



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